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 Dry Land Integrated Development Project Karamoja FY 2014/2015& 2015/2016

ADDRESS: P. Box  7083  Kampala



LOCATION: Moroto, Nepak, Nakapiripiriti and Amudat

Duration from JULY   2017  to SEP   2017


Tusiimire Gad  (Engagement Partner), Kisekka Joseph (Audit Manager), Ezra Magara (Audit Senior)

Description of services Provided

Specifically, we carried out the following audit procedures under each area;

  • Agriculture and livelihood
  • Business development
    1. Improving social services (Education)
    1. Rural market infrastructure
    2. Recruitment of PIU staff and community workers
    1. Work plans
    2. ExpendituresReceipts
    3.  Governance


The objective of the audit was to obtain an audit opinion to ISA 800/805 on the spending/utilization of funds in the project, with regard to goals and purposes in project documents and to sound financial principles.  The audit was therefore carried out in accordance with International Standards on auditing and included such tests and controls, as we considered necessary under the circumstances.  In conducting the audit, we:

  • established whether the financial statements presented, in all material respects, a true and fair view of the Project’s revenues and expenditure incurred for the period, and the financial position in conformity with the International Financial Reporting Standards and any other applicable financial reporting framework;
  • established whether proper books had been kept by the Project and are in agreement with financial statements;
  • established whether the Project’s internal control structure for financial reporting and/or safeguarding assets, including controls in computer based systems were suitably designed and implemented to achieve the control objective;
  • established whether the transactions were made in compliance with the provision of the Act and other relevant laws, policies procedures and Regulations governing financial management, procurements, accounting and human resource management.
  • Established whether accounting and presentation of reports had been made in time or delayed.
  • Established whether Funds had been disbursed even if adequate reports have not been submitted [Directorate of Research and Graduate Training (DGRT) reports, audit, reports, Auditor General’s report and so on].
  • Commented, on the financial management system as well as the management information system in place.